Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

Tonight.. a mirror offered me a glimpse of the future. No.. I’m not talking about one of those magical mirrors like the one in Snow White. It’s just a mirror.. plain and simple. But the emotion it stirred up tonight sure felt magical. Man.. did it.

I wanted to see if Willow would notice herself in the mirror. It’s something I remember doing with my other two kids. So.. with my little girl at my shoulder.. I scooted up as close as I could. The minute she looked up.. she saw herself.. and then came the smile. Two of them actually. Hers and mine. Needless to say.. the moment was priceless.. and it was about to become magical. Willow was so amused by her smile that it soon turned into a laugh.. which then turned into surprise.. which then turned into another smile.. which then turned into another laugh. The pattern repeated itself until I couldn’t stop laughing myself! And then it hit me.. I have NO clue what the future holds for Willow and the rest of our family.. but I do know that it’ll be filled with many smiles and laughs. The mirror told me. Maybe it is magical?

IMG_5847 IMG_5843


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