A Happy Heart

I’m writing this post from Cloud 9. That’s because Willow received some AMAZING news today. According to her cardiologist, Willow’s heart looks “perfect.” Her echo-cardiogram showed a healthy functioning heart with no sign of any leaks. That’s means the open heart surgery she had last October was a complete success! So-much-so, that her cardiologist said that if you didn’t know she had surgery, you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at her echo. Isn’t that AWESOME???? But wait… there’s more! Her chest x-ray was equally remarkable. Thanks to time, healing and a helpful diuretic, Willow’s lungs are finally clear! They had taken quite a beating prior to her surgery and her last x-ray a few months ago showed they were still pretty inflamed and fluid-filled. Not anymore!! Today’s news means Willow can stop her twice-daily diuretic. I know she’ll like that.  It also means that we’re one step closer to seeing the cardiologist on a YEARLY basis, not weekly or monthly. I write “closer” because Willow has another appointment with the cardiologist in April to make sure she is still gaining weight and thriving. That’ll be 6 months post-surgery… and if all looks well, she’ll be taken off her blood pressure medicine and daily aspirin and given the green light to start seeing the cardiologist yearly. AHHHHHH! It seems unreal. So awesome. God is good. And wait… there’s even MORE! While waiting for the nurse to take some vitals, Willow actually rolled to her side on her own!!!! She’s only done that 4 times in her life. What a day of miracles. Crazy good.

Things are looking up!


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