I don’t nose what to do!

It’s hard watching a baby suffer through a cold. It’s one of those rare times where both of you are helpless. Your child doesn’t understand what’s going on… how to blow their nose… how to breath through their mouth… how to find relief… and you can’t do anything but hold them… love them… and occasionally suck some snot out of their nose. Now imagine if that cold never went away. That’s where we are in life… except it’s not a cold we’re dealing with. Willow has been congested since birth. It’s related to her Down syndrome. People with Down syndrome have narrowed air passages. Many also have enlarged adenoids and tonsils. I’m not sure if Willow suffers from one or all… but I am sure that she’s got one heck of a plugged nose. It used to be manageable… tolerable… but after her first official cold in late December things took a turn for the worse. Her nose has been so stuffy that she struggles to sleep at night. I’ve been told it’s not an infection… rather just par for the course. I hate golf.

I'm feeling sleepy...
I’m feeling sleepy…

I’ve tried everything: saline… spraying it… drip dropping it… four different kinds of snot suckers… one battery operated (it even plays music!) and three manual… elevating her crib… turning on a humidifier… turning off a humidifier… sleeping with Willow in my arms… squirting breast milk in her nose (they say “breast is best”). Nothing has worked. My good sleeper is now a bad sleeper. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (Excuse me for the capital letters.. I’m tired)

While the nights are brutal… Willow is still her smiley self during the day. Don’t let the tears fool ya. They’re just there because of her blocked tear ducts. Par for the course. Stupid golf.


I wonder if saline mixed with breast milk would help??? Hmmmmmmm……


2 thoughts on “I don’t nose what to do!

  1. I found this hilarious but also laughing with compassion for both you and Willow. Wonder if you will start getting suggestions for some of your “followers””.

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