And now a word about The Word

Today is March 5th… the annual day to “Spread the Word to End the Word.” What word you ask? Just check your favorite social media site. It starts with an “R” and people everywhere are pledging to stop using it carelessly and educate others. It’s easy to do. You just click your mouse… change your profile pic… share an article about it… But how many will actually take the next step? How many will actually stand up to the people carelessly using this word? It takes guts. Especially when those people are your friends… co-workers… family…

I could go on and on about this subject… explaining how my heart physically hurts when I imagine somebody someday calling my daughter this ugly world… telling you how sick to my stomach I feel when I think of the many times I probably uttered it as a teen… writing about how sad it is that many still use this term when referring to people with Down syndrome… my Willow… my love… my heart… like it’s the only thing that defines them. But I’m going to stop myself here. My tears are making it hard to type. Let me leave you with this:

I prefer to be called Rockstar!
I prefer to be called Rockstar!

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