That wasn’t the wind you heard around 1 o’clock today… it was me… breathing a BIG sigh of relief. Willow’s x-rays show no signs of AAI (Atlantoaxial Instability)!!! Her MRI also showed no nerve damage!!! That means Willow is free and able to do a big happy dance!

I've got my tutu on and I'm ready to dance!
I’ve got my tutu on and I’m ready to dance!

Now… our doctor is always quick to point out that we’re not out of the woods completely. The bones in Willow’s neck are still pretty spongy at this age… meaning we’ll likely have to repeat these x-rays at some point down the line. But… I’m not thinking about that. I’m living in this moment. Celebrating this day. God’s grace is vibrant!

Earlier this week… I overheard my 7 year old son say the most amazing thing to Willow… “Even though you have Down syndrome… I can tell that you’re gonna be great when you grow up.” Melt. My. Heart. After today’s news… what could possibly stand in her way?


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