I Heart This Day!

Never before have I been so excited to take out the trash! That’s because today… Willow’s cardiologist gave us the green light to ditch her drugs! Bye Bye Baby Asprin! Bye Bye Epaned!


Ok… I must admit… the above picture is staged. That bottle is plastic and therefore recyclable. So right after I took the picture I washed off the bottle and gave it to Willow to reuse as a rattle before sticking it in the recycle bin. The plastic dispenser thingy trapped inside made really fun sounds when you shook it. hehehehe.

Don’t you think this is kinda weird mom?

Ok.. back to my original point. Willow’s heart is healthy enough that she no longer needs meds! Isn’t that awesome? God is good!!!!!!!! Of course… her cardiologist is quick to point out that there is a 15% chance she’ll need more surgery at some point in life. But that means there is also a 85% chance she won’t!! Whoot Whooot!


A healthy heart isn’t the only cause for celebration! Willow has been workin’ her abs like mad crazy and it’s starting to show. Last week she sat up by herself for a few seconds. That is HUGE!

Abdominal Crunch Time with Gramma
Abdominal Crunch Time with Gramma

Willow has also decided that she no longer needs to be swaddled in order to sleep. According to her Early Intervention Team… that’s a sign that she’s developmentally maturing. Yah for progress!

Time For Kisses and High Fives!
Time For Kisses and High Fives!

In case you didn’t know… this is Holy Week… and never before have I felt more loved. Despite all my bad mommy moments… all my fears… all my anxiety… all my craziness… Christ’s death and resurrection promises me a spot in heaven. Meantime… here on earth… I am blessed with the best family I could ever hope for. God is good.



One thought on “I Heart This Day!

  1. What can I say except, “ All the glory goes to God”!!!!! How great is that…Willow is off her heart meds and continues to improve in her muscle tone. Sometimes one must wonder if “you could ask for anything more”. That is the wonderful thing too… we can continue to ask God for whatever we may need or want and know that He hears our prayers. I will continue to pray for the health and well-being of Willow and know that in His time and in His way He will answer. Mary,mom,gramma

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