Nosebody Nose The Troubles I’ve Seen

You think your Monday was bad? Talk to Willow. Well… maybe you should talk to me instead… because as I’ve mentioned before… Willow doesn’t talk much. Anyhow… Willow’s Monday started with a camera stuck up her nose and down her throat. Yup. As I’ve mentioned before… Willow’s nose is constantly stuffy… so today we met with a pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. Within minutes of our arrival… the doctor had me holding Willow like a human straight jacket so he could get a looksy inside her nose. Let me tell ya… neither of us was prepared for this. Ok… I guess I was told that camera would probably happen at some point… but not at her first ENT appointment! Geesh. Anyhow… what the camera revealed was nothing shocking. Narrow nasal passages and an irritated throat. The prescription for now is Fluticasone (say that 3 times fast)… a steroid nasal spray. Willow might also go on a reflux medication… but that’s yet to be decided. She’ll see the ENT again in a month. If her throat still looks irritated… it may be a sign of reflux and she’ll get meds to treat it. During her next exam she’ll also get a hearing test. Willow had a lot of fluid in her ears today. Normal for babies with Down syndrome. Sadly… hearing loss because of fluid build-up can also be normal. If the fluid is still plentiful in a month… she’ll likely need tubes. And if she fails her hearing test… well… we’ll deal with that if it comes. One day at a time… one day at a time… one day at a time…

This is what I hope to see more of now that Willow is on Flonase!
This is what I hope to see more of now that Willow saw the ENT!


How about some fun news? Willow is SOOOOOO close to sitting up on her own. She has worked sooooooooo hard to get to this point. So so so so so so so hard. She can do it for a few seconds before falling either backwards or to her side. I have made several attempts to catch it with my camera… but by the time I set her up… grab the camera and get it focused… she’s on the ground wondering what happened. So… you’ll just have to settle for this picture:


I know the above picture has nothing to do with her sitting on her own… but ain’t she cute? Come on! C..U..T..E! Here’s some more cuteness for ya:


When I look at these pictures I am filled with joy. Life is good. God is good. I have to say I’ve been pretty emotional lately. Not sad… just emotional. But… I guess that’s a sign that I’m truly living life. Embracing the ups and downs. Thank God for the ups. Thank God for the ups. Amen?




2 thoughts on “Nosebody Nose The Troubles I’ve Seen

  1. What was she eating in that last picture…she is eatable herself….cute cute cute. It is hard to see, but even in the down times God is good!

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