Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time… I ate the inside lining of a cows stomach. Shockingly… I didn’t hate it.

Once upon a time… I went water skiing… in the fall… in Minnesota. It was cold.

Once upon a time… I rode 100 miles on my bicycle… in one day. Man… did my butt hurt after that.

Once upon a time… I went salmon fishing in Alaska. I don’t eat fish.

Once upon a time… I played women’s rugby at North Dakota State University. That didn’t last long.

Once upon a time… I worked as a television news anchor. I’m now a church janitor.

Once upon a time… I spent a night in jail. Sorry to disappoint…. it was for a news story.

God has provided some awesome stories for me to tell. But… I’m pretty sure this next one is the greatest:

Once upon a time… I raised 3 kids. Obviously this is a work in progress.

Looking back at my younger years… having kids wasn’t high on my list of things to do. In fact… I don’t really remember ever wanting kids. But once upon a time… I met a great guy… got married… and several years later God placed a desire in my heart to become a mom.

The minute my son entered this world… I was in love. I was also scared out of my mind. I hadn’t held many babies up to that point… and this one cried a lot. And by a lot… I mean all the time. My son had colic. But… time passed… the crying got better… and I got pregnant again. We were told that the chances of having another colicky baby were slim… so we prepared for a blissful baby experience. It never came. My daughter was worse than my son. Lucky us. Needless to say… after breeding two colicky babies my husband and I had serious fears about having any more. So… we put the idea on hold.

Flash forward 4 years…. take out the letters “l and i” and my colicky babies were now cocky kids. I took that as my cue to sell the baby stuff packed away in my basement. I was done having children. I couldn’t handle any more. I didn’t want any more. End of story. Right?


A few months after the stroller sold on Craigslist… I found myself staring at two lines on a stick. HOW COULD I BE PREGNANT??? THIS ISN’T HOW THE STORY IS SUPPOSED TO GO!!!!!!!!!! What kind of 35 year old stressed out mother of 2 could be so careless?????


I’ll be honest… I spent about a month angry at God…. questioning His soon-to-be added character in this story. I was mad… confused… overwhelmed… and embarrassed. It didn’t help that almost every time I went to the doctor I was confronted with the term “geriatric pregnancy.” That’s right. At the ripe ol’ age of 35. At least it gave me something to laugh at. Most of the time I just cried. I really didn’t know how I would handle being the mother of 3 kids. I was tired and overwhelmed with the 2 kids I already had. Little did I know… God was planning a huge twist in the plot…

On September 4th, 2013… Willow Faith was born. And on September 4th I learned that this baby I was fearing… has Down syndrome and a heart defect. But crazy as it sounds… the fear was no longer there. It was replaced with an unexpected… supernatural… amazingly awesome peace.

The other day Willow saw 8 different doctors and specialists in one day. ONE DAY. While the experience was insanely overwhelming and exhausting… both Willow and I came home with a smile on our faces.

Willow after a her last appointment of the day. She saw an eye doctor. :)
Willow after a her last appointment of the day. She saw an eye doctor. 🙂

Sure there are going to be days of doubt… exhaustion… fear… but no longer do I question whether I can handle where this story takes me. I can. I will. Because I have come to realize that this story… is a love story… being told by God. And while love stories can be full of twists… turns… and heartache…. they almost always have a happy ending.


PS… For those wondering… Willow’s marathon doctor day was mostly positive. A lot of evaluations… a lot of information. We did learn that we will be adding more occupational therapy to her week. Willow tested at a 3 month level for her fine motor skills. We’ll also be doing another hearing test in a month as she partially failed the one she was given. We’re hopeful that it was just the extra fluid hanging out in there. If the fluid is still there in June she’ll likely get tubes.


One thought on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Oh, she and Tessa could be tube buddies!! 🙂 We have been talking a little about OT as well. I feel like she needs a little more in that area and Speech agrees, so we’ll see… As always, keep us posted.

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