A Mother of A Day

It’s Mother’s Day and while many moms woke to the smell of breakfast in bed… my nosebuds experienced a different delight… baby poo. Yuppers. Willow chose to fill her diaper at around 5:52 this morning. What happened to my constantly constipated baby? Happy Mother’s Day!

As I headed downstairs I was greeted by my son demanding breakfast. After fixing up his favorite… he asked “is this Mother’s Day?” I told him it is. His reply? “Well we’re not going to celebrate you today… because you got mad at me for pounding on the table yesterday.” Happy Mother’s Day!

After breakfast… my eldest daughter proudly presented me with a homemade card. I barely finished saying “thank you” when she snatched back the beautifully decorated envelope saying “I want the envelope back because it’s my last one.” Happy Mother’s Day!

Seriously… Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I love being a mom! Maybe I’ll get a shower today!





One thought on “A Mother of A Day

  1. When I read your latest blog, my thought was “yup, not all Mother’s Days are cracked up to what they ought to be. However, after finishing your blog, I also thought about how our kids make the best memories for us. Life and Mother’s Day are still beautiful after the kids are grown –up ….why because we can laugh and smile and find joy in those crazy,lovable memories that our children have provided for us. Yup…it is a blessing to be a mom!

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