What’s Up With Willow

Willow will be 9 months old tomorrow. I cannot believe it! But then I look at all that my littlest girl has gone through! Wowsers! And now I think of all that’s yet to come…..

Oh the places you'll go...
Oh the places Willow will go…

Willow has been doing some amazing things lately. In case you haven’t heard… she’s sitting up… on her own! That is HUGE! Unfortunately… Willow doesn’t have much time to celebrate… because her therapist has us pushing her to achieve the next step… catching herself before she falls over… and getting herself back up if she does. Speaking of therapists… Willow will now be seeing two Occupational Therapists a week. One through Early Intervention Services and another through our medical provider. We added the second one after Willow’s pediatrician recommended it to help fine tune her fine motor skills. Willow is getting better at eating her puff cereal by herself… but it is still a struggle at times. Once she gets a puff in her palm.. she brings it to her mouth.. and about 3 out of 5 make it in. So… hopefully the additional therapy will improve that.

Willow has also been busy building her leg muscles. This past week… she stood by herself… while holding on to the couch… for about 30 seconds. That is a major accomplishment. Just like her big brother and sister… Willow is motivated by things she’s not supposed to have. In Willow’s case… that means big brother’s toy cars. If I put them on the couch… she stands longer. Needless to say… Big brother has mixed emotions about this. Happy to see his little sister share his passion… Sad that he might have to share his precious collection.

Willow is making her presence known these days by screaming “bababababababababababa!” While it’s loud.. and a bit distracting… it’s awesome to hear… because her speech therapist has been trying to get her to repeat sounds for MONTHS now. Willow has also perfected her raspberries. She can blow spitty raspberries like nobody’s business.

Finally… I come to Willow’s health. Simply put… it is AMAZING! I haven’t thought about her heart in ages. Strange. The only reminder that she ever had surgery is her scar! Willow’s congestion is also a ton better since being put on Flonase. She no longer wakes up at night because of a stuffy nose. That doesn’t mean she’s sleeping through the night… it just means her nose is no longer the thing keeping her up. Sigh. If there is one area of concern… it’s Willow’s ears. Yesterday she partially failed another hearing test. The ENT says he’s fairly confident that Willow is hearing things… it’s just that the excess fluid in her ears is muddling things. While he typically would prescribe tubes at this point… he said he’s going to hold off until the summer is over before making that decision. Apparently tubes are hard to keep in during the summer because of pools… extra moisture… and sweat. So… we’ll be going back to the ENT in September. Let’s hope that exam goes a little better than yesterdays. Our exam was scheduled for 3:00. We weren’t put in an exam room until 4:30. Ugh.

WIllow waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for the doctor.
WIllow waiting… and waiting… and waiting… for the doctor.

Well… that’s the latest. Thanks again for all your prayers and good thoughts! God is good. He continues to amaze. And we’ll continue to tell His story… through Willow… the Mighty Willow!


3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Willow

  1. Love the pictures….she is a cutie! Yes, God is good! All the wonderful movements, activities, and advancements Willow has made just gives testimony to His amazing love for His children.

  2. Yay Willow! Can’t wait to hear that she is standing on her own. 🙂 We are going in for the tube surgery on Thursday, so I’ll let you know how it goes. AND, we always have an eternally long wait at the ENT, too!!!

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