Who da man? My hubby!

Father’s Day was Sunday and while I had grand dreams of writing a blog post about my husband… reality prevented me. #1) We were camping. #2) I didn’t have a computer and #3) When I finally arrived home and had a computer… the pile of laundry from our camping trip suddenly became more important… and then the kids started swimming lessons… and t-ball… and Willow had therapy… and dinner doesn’t make itself… and well… you get the picture. So… here I am.. 5 days late. Pathetic. I know. My husband deserves more than this… but this is all I’ve got. Sadly… he understands. He’s awesome like that. Here are a few more reasons he’s da man:

#1) My husband’s time is not his own. He gives it all to us. He works all day… only to come home to a poorly cooked dinner (I tried to warn him about my cooking skills before we got married) and three kids demanding his attention. After choking down whatever I’ve made… he plays with our children until their bed time. After that… he usually is stuck paying bills… repairing something I’ve broken… or finishing up one of the endless remodeling projects going on in our house. Some nights he takes a break to watch tv with me… but even then… his time his not his own… cuz I often choose the show. hehehehehe.

#2) My husband can fix anything. He has done all the remodeling of our old 1890’s home… including plumbing… electrical work… tiling… mudding… taping… carpeting… He also does most of our car repair. That’s why our Suburban has been on jacks since last fall… when Willow was born. He’s got the parts… he’s got the smarts… now he needs the time. My husband is also a master toy repairer. He can work the crazy glue like a crazy man.

#3) My husband always puts his family first. In January 2013… he proved it. He left a career he loved to take a job with better security and more flexibility. My husband was one heck of a tv meteorologist… and now he’s one heck of an ag marketing specialist. But more importantly… he’s one heck of a devoted dad and husband.

#4) My husband’s love for our children is inspiring. Seriously. He does anything and everything for our kids… including letting them jump all over him. I really don’t know how his ribs remain unbroken. But let me take you back to January 2013 again. It’ll show you the depth of his love. A week after announcing his big career change… I made an announcement of my own. I was pregnant. While I cried myself to sleep and prayed I was dreaming… my husband’s reaction was nothing but calm. In fact his first words to me after I broke the news were “Jenny… It’s all good!” His love for our daughter was instant… even though he once said he didn’t want more than 2 kids… even though the thought of having 3 kids scared the heck out of him… even though he would someday learn that the child I was carrying wasn’t just another baby… it was a baby with Down syndrome. My husband’s love for Willow has only grown deeper… just like his love for our other two. His love is never ending… which brings me to

#5) The reason my husband’s love is never ending is because he’s learned from the ultimate father… God. My husband is THE best father to our kids and husband to me… because he looks to the Almighty Father for guidance and direction. I owe my faith to to my husband… and I pray that someday our children will say the same.

So there ya have it. My husband is awesome. Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure a few of you reading this have awesome husbands too… but mine is the awesomist…. at least that’s what I’d like to think… ok… this is awkward…




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