Dinner Disaster

Ever hear the one about a lady who brought her 3 young kids to a sit-down restaurant while her husband was out of town in an effort to make her life easier? No? Well… you’re in luck… cuz I’m about to blog about it!

I’m sure the first thing you might want to know is: “What the heck were you thinking?” The only answer I’ve come up with is: “I don’t know.” My head has been in a fog lately. My hubby has been out of town for work a lot lately… and Willow has been sick… so sleep is hard to come by. So… let’s just say my judgement is impaired. Also… my husband is really the only one who eats my cooking… so when he’s gone… it’s pointless to make anything other than frozen pizza. After a few days… that gets old… so I thought I’d take the kiddos out to eat! Now… dining out is not something we do often… and when we do… it’s usually Taco Bell or Subway. In my sleep deprived mind… I thought a sit-down restaurant might be a better option… as it may offer some healthier options. So… there… does that answer your question?

Being frugal… I brought a coupon. If I bought one adult entree and two drinks… I would get a second adult entree FREE! Whoooppeee! So… being that my 7 year old son always says “I’m still hungry” after eating something off a kids menu… I figured I’d let him order a “big kid” meal tonight. Unfortunately… thanks to my coupon and my poor judgement… I also let him order a “big kid” pop. He got about 3 sips in and SPLASH! The Fanta hit the floor…. and my son’s shirt… and pants… and mine too. Ugh. I found the nearest available waiter and explained the situation. “Oh wow! He had an ADULT beverage!” were the exact words out of his mouth when he arrived at the scene. Yup. I know. Dummy me. After cleaning up the mess… the waiter asked if we wanted  a refill… in a closed kids cup. Needless to say my son wasn’t happy. That sparked the first argument of the night.

The second argument started when my son decided to brag to his little sister about his much larger… tastier… meal. I tried to remind him that I let him order off the “adult” menu… so he should probably act more mature. He didn’t take my advice. Sensing tears of jealousy from my 5 year old daughter… I quickly shouted “Don’t worry honey… you can get a refill on your pop if you want… and your brother can’t.” Talk about mature. Mother of the Year right here. I know.

In the middle of all the madness… Willow sat… in a high chair… happily playing with a toy. It’s the first time she ever has sat in a restaurant high chair. Tired of dragging her HEAVY infant car seat around… I decided to test drive a high chair tonight… thinking… she’s ready… she’s steady. Wrong-o. She was rockin’ the high chair until about 10 minutes in. Then her abs gave out and her body flung forward and her head conked the table. That’s when my normally quiet baby became that loud crying baby that everbody stares at. An old guy sitting at a table across the room even  came over and made silly faces at Willow in an attempt to stop the crying. No such luck. Realizing this dinner was quickly going down the drain… I barked at my kids “EAT!”

Eventually Willow calmed down… but realizing her muscle tone isn’t quite high chair ready.. I was stuck holding her for the rest of the meal. Ever try feeding a squirmy baby in your lap while trying to feed yourself? Let’s just say.. Fanta wasn’t the only thing on the floor when we left. Which by the way… why the heck did I let my kids order pop? I bet lemonade would have been a better option. Geesh. Anyhow… after nearly losing MY pop to Willow’s sticky fingers… I had had enough. I once again barked at my kids and started shoving my food in my face. Every little giggle from my kids was shooshed… every glance out the window was met with a finger pointing at their plate. I wanted out of there… quick.

Either our waitress read my mind… or was trying to send a message… but within a minute of thinking “we need to get the heck out of here”… our bill arrived. Thank God.

In the end… the coupon didn’t matter. I felt so guilty about the mess… the yelling… the tears… that I left a huge tip. I should have just gone to Taco Bell.

I’m happy to report… things are better now. The kids are in bed… and I don’t have any dirty dishes in the sink. Maybe going out wasn’t such a bad idea….

Just don't stick me in one of those high chair thingies ever again!!!
Just don’t stick me in one of those high chair thingies ever again!!!


3 thoughts on “Dinner Disaster

  1. I kept chuckling every time I read of “one more thing happening”. At the same time I also was muttering “oh nooooooooooo”. I certainly could sympathize with you. Shelve it away for future reference when you decide to try it again. Oh yes, I am sure there will be another time. Applause to you for giving it a try…!

  2. That’s like me going to an appointment with ONE newborn. I had to wake him up, nurse a tiny bit, change him, deal with spit up, then change another dirty diaper. I was like “How do people make it to these on time?” Or take multiple kids!?

  3. I use to take Ellie out to dinner all the time when John had grad school and it was just she and I and it could be a challenge. You are so brave!! Kudos to you for trying. And thanks for the reminder not to attempt it myself! 😉

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