Movin’ On Up

Did you hear a strange sound around 9:30 this morning? I assure you… it wasn’t an injured animal. It was me… screaming… in that weird-only-dogs-can-hear-me-cuz-it’s-so-high-pitched-kind-of-way! That’s because Willow’s latest blood draw showed a huge increase in neutrophils! Those are the primary infection fighting thingies in your blood. Anyhow… when Willow checked into the hospital last Thursday… her level was at 39. Today… her level was over 4,000! INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooops. There goes that scream again… and here comes my dog. hehehehe.

So… because Willow’s levels were so awesome today… she didn’t have to get another shot! Which is good… because while waiting for the doctor today… I counted how many times my daughter has been poked with a needle over the past 5 days. I’m fairly certain we’re at 21. Her little body looks like a pin cushion… so I’d say she deserves a break. Unfortunately… the break will be short lived. Willow will get another blood draw next Monday. Doctors want to keep a close eye on her neutrophil levels to see if this is truly a case of cyclical neutropenia. In other words… was this whole nightmare a fluke… or a sign that her body has an issue producing neutrophils… making her more prone to infection? While I am praying for the whole fluke thing… cyclical neutropenia sure would explain some things that Willow experienced this past year.

In order to get an accurate read of her neutrophils next week… Willow needs to avoid germs as much as possible. So… please don’t be offended if we run screaming when we hear a cough… or see your fingers going in for a chubby baby cheek squeeze. We just need to figure this whole thing out. Let me tell ya… it’s going to be hard avoiding hugging people. We are just so overwhelmed by the love and support thrown our way and want so badly to show our appreciation and excitement over this latest report. Hopefully we’ll have more to celebrate when we actually can start hugging people again.

Once again… God is revealing his presence at every turn. On the way into the cancer center today I ran into our friend Becky. While our interaction was brief… Becky’s smiling face was just what I needed. It was as if God placed her there to say “Calm down! It’s ok! You’re surrounded by love… you’re not alone! Now would you just let go… because I’ve got this.” Ok God. I’ll try.

Before I end this… I’m going to post a few pics from this past weekend’s GiGi’s Buddy Walk in Fargo. I wish I had better pictures… but my husband was in charge of the camera because I was in the hospital with Willow. So… these are all I have. 3 pics from my husband and a bunch from my dad. 🙂

The Mighty Willow's All Star Poster!
The Mighty Willow’s All Star Poster!
Some of The Mighty Willows
Some of The Mighty Willows
Some more of The Mighty Willows
Some more of The Mighty Willows
Pre-walk fun
The Mighty Willow on the Jumbotron!
The Mighty Willow on the Jumbotron!
Brother, Sissy and Gramma meeting some mascots
Brother, Sissy and Gramma meeting some mascots
Willow's Big Sissy posing with the mascot of the hospital we were in.
Willow’s Big Sissy posing with the mascot of the hospital we were in.



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