The Mightiest of Willows

On paper… Willow is weak. So much so… that she requires physical therapy twice a week. But I’m here to tell ya… she’s strong. So strong.

Right now… my daughter is proving her might at a hospital far from home. What started as a trip to the walk-in clinic for a cough… ended with an air ambulance ride to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for emergency surgery. That’s because a chest x-ray not only showed bronchiolitis… but also part of her intestine. Turns out… Willow had a bowel hernia… that had grown so out of control it was pushing against her lungs and hindering her breathing. Surgery was needed… but it was also risky. Afterall… Willow has a repaired heart… the hernia is pushing on her lungs… which are already stressed from illness… and she may or may not have neutropenia. But like I said earlier… Willow is strong… and our God is even stronger. She pulled through… and is now recovering from surgery and whatever nasty sickness is left in her body.

Willow’s surgeon says the hernia had been there for a long time… possibly from birth… or even a product of heart surgery. To think… this girl puts a smile on so easily. How is that possible? She even managed a few smiles this afternoon while a respiratory therapist pounded the crud out of her chest. How? I just don’t understand.

This whole journey has been emotional to say the least… and it’s not over. I’m not exactly how long we’ll be here. Doctors want her fully off oxygen before we go home. It could be tomorrow… it could be a week from tomorrow… who knows. What I do know is that everything will be ok. God is in control. We are surrounded by an AMAZING group of friends and family. It’s a humbling and surreal experience to be covered in prayer the way we have this past weekend. It’s truly unexplainable. It is a peace that surpasses all understanding. If you are one of the many who prayed… “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough. God be with you. And God continue to be with the Mighty Willow.

This is not how we thought we'd leave the walk-in clinic.
This is not how we thought we’d leave the walk-in clinic.
I always wanted to fly in a private jet... just not this one.
I always wanted to fly in a private jet… just not this one.
The Mighty Willow
The Mighty Willow
Would you believe... this was taken the day before she was hospitalized?
Would you believe… this was taken the day before she was hospitalized?


5 thoughts on “The Mightiest of Willows

  1. It’s amazing how resilient and happy she is even when she mustn’t be feeling very well at all! My Eva is the same. Smiling and then the next day in hospital with bronchiolitis. Tough little cookies!! I hope your little girl feels better soon and recovers quickly from her surgery! Thinking of you both.

  2. Remember to call if you need anything….do not be afraid, too stubborn or proud to ask for help, prayers or an extra body….Love this family!

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