Coming Up For Air

Santa came early to the Hines house!


I mean… who doesn’t want to see oxygen tanks under their tree? They’re even festive green! How jolly is that???

If you couldn’t tell… we’re home! Willow got released from the hospital on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately… she left hooked to oxygen. That’s because this upper respiratory junk just won’t leave. It doesn’t help that Willow hates to cough. Coughing isn’t fun to begin with… but add a few incisions to the mix... and coughing becomes downright painful.

To help speed Willow’s recovery… I’ve taken on the role of Mrs. Meany Pants. I pound on her chest (per her respiratory therapist’s orders) and suck the crud out of her nose several times a day. I’m also back to administering Neupogen shots twice a week. Always the multi-tasker… I’ve also become Mrs. Stick The Cannula Back In Willow’s Nose. This role really picks up at bedtime… when Willow thinks it’s fun to drift off to sleep then swat at her nose until her oxygen cannula comes out. I then swoop in and try to replace it… only to wake her up and anger her. I’m starting to think a doll would have been a funner gift, Santa!

Hopefully this whole oxygen thing will be over with soon. Tomorrow… Willow has an ENT appointment and I’m freaking out thinking about having to take her out of the house with a portable tank. What if I drop it? I was told it becomes a torpedo if the top breaks off! How will I carry it all? What if she pulls the cannula out while I’m driving? Ahhhhh!!!!!  The machine they gave us to use here at home is less scary. It doesn’t have a tank. Instead… it somehow uses magic and just makes oxygen. I just plug it in.. and turn it on.  There really is no place like home for the holidays. Especially when you’re hooked to an oxygen machine. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. I’m so glad you’re home! Even with oxygen, it’s still so much better than the hospital. I hope she recovers quickly and you can ditch the cannulas. My Eva always hated it in her nose too. She got very good at ripping both it and her NG tube out all at once. Crafty wee lass.

  2. If you ever wanted a second career in nursing, I guess this is your chance to build your resume, huh?? We’re having our own little 3 AM coughing party over here… Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be a looooong winter??? Ugh. Prayers for healing…

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