Dear You….

I’m not usually one to write back-to-back blog posts… but something has been weighing heavy on my heart these past few hours. It all started after searching wordpress for blogs featuring the term “Down syndrome.” I do this frequently… as I find it fun to read about the lives of other families like mine. I find many of the journey’s inspirational… encouraging… and just downright entertaining. Then I thought of my own blog. What if someone new to the Down syndrome community stumbled upon it? Like a mom… who just gave birth to a child with Ds and is numb and hungry for knowledge. Or a couple… that just found out the baby they’re expecting might have Ds. What would they think of my blog? Would it scare them? Would it inspire them? Would it feed their fears or calm them?

Looking back… most of my blog posts are about Willow’s health… her heart… her blood… her constant congestion. I write a lot about struggles… emotionally… and physically. Rarely do I write about the good times. I think that’s because I’m so busy enjoying them. Why write about them? This blog is my therapy. It helps me process the things we’ve gone through and will go through now that Willow is part of our family. For that reason… it only tells part of the story. A small part.

Dear person… who may have stumbled upon my blog… please… PLEASE… know that Down syndrome does not have to be scary. Yes… there are hard times. But those come with life… Down syndrome or not. Please know… that this dear baby in your life… is a gift. A blessing. A life waiting to be enjoyed. Do not get blinded by the stuff you read… the stuff you hear. Do not waste time fretting about the future. Put down your smart phone… push aside that mouse… and hold the precious child you’re so curious about. Down syndrome is just a term. Willow is my child. She is loved more than I can express in words. She brings endless joy to our lives. The stuff she’s gone through… that you’ve seen me blog about… is scary. But I assure you… Willow is worth it. So is your child. It also is temporary. The scary stuff. One smile… one hug… one milestone… melts all that scary stuff away.

This isn’t a pro-life rant. Believe me… I’ve been asked several times since Willow’s birth to go that route. I’m not here to preach at ya or judge. My intent with this post… is to give you the whole picture. It’s a beautiful one. Created by the ultimate artist. Our God. The one and only. His ways are wondrous. His creations… perfect. Remember that when worry starts to eat at you. I do….


4 thoughts on “Dear You….

  1. Lovely post. I started reading about your family not long after Tessa was born and have been so thankful to share snippets of your life. Your writing has been a blessing for me to share in!

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