Twizzler Time

I will do anything to help out Willow… including buying licorice.

Hey! What's this?
Hey! What’s this?

That’s right folks! Willow’s speech therapist actually told me to buy licorice this week. Apparently… Twizzlers are not only tasty… they help improve oral motor skills! Crazy eh?

Really? You're giving me candy? You know I'm only 16 months old... right?
Really? You’re giving me candy? You know I’m only 16 months old… right?

Before every meal… Willow gets to gnaw on a piece of frozen licorice. I’m told that it encourages tongue movement and chewing while also improving jaw strength. I say it encourages mommy’s sweet tooth and whining.

No fair!!!!!
No fair!!!!! Why does she get licorice at every meal?

I try to explain to my other kiddos that this is all in the name of therapy… but they don’t seem to care.

We're seriously calling this therapy?
We’re seriously calling this therapy?

Anyhow… Willow just started speech/feeding therapy this week to help her better eat solids (other than pureed baby food). She’ll be doing it twice a week. So for those keeping count… that brings the total up to 6 various therapies a week. Physical Therapy x2… Speech Therapy x2… Occupational Therapy x1… and Early Intervention x1. This… my friends… is why we don’t hang out anymore. It’s not you… it’s me. I just ain’t got the time. But hey! I’ve got licorice!!!

Dude! Stay away from my licorice!!!
Hey! You can’t take candy from a baby!

3 thoughts on “Twizzler Time

  1. That’s what I call good therapy.

    Sheesh that’s a lot of therapy sessions! We have maybe one physio and one SLT per week and I feel like that’s enough. Mind you we make up for it with doctor’s visits.

    Enjoy the licorice!!

  2. Yum, that’s a great activity! I’m a speech/feeding therapist and I recently started a blog about feeding therapy activities at There are lots of activities on the site that could be fun for you and Willow and some your older kids may like, too. I’d love to hear what you think, if you get a chance to check it out!

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