You Are My Sunshine

Me Tired.

That about sums up how I feel these days. Life is so jam packed with commitments that I feel like my head is in constant cloud. Thankfully… Willow is my sunshine… and as the song goes… she “makes me happy when skies are gray.”

Willow has been doing some amazing things lately! Realizing that crawling is a lot of work… Willow has chosen to butt scoot. It’s crazy how quickly she can get from point A to point B. Especially when point B holds something dangerous… like an electrical outlet… a pile of Legos… or a stale piece of food covered in dog hair. Ok.. the last one isn’t exactly dangerous… but ewwwww… what about that makes Willow think “Yummy!”?

Willow has also learned how to sit up on her own. Granted… it’s not how her physical therapist wants her to get to sitting… but progress is progress! Like many children with Down syndrome… Willow has discovered that if she rolls on her tummy and pushes up while doing the splits (it’s impressive… let me tell ya) she can get to sitting! She’s especially good at it during diaper changes. Diaper comes off… Willow flips… does the splits… sits up… and attempts to scoot away. Not so fast little lady…..

I scoot fast on hard wood in the middle of winter!
I scoot fast on hard wood in the middle of winter!

Another new development is Willow’s communication. She has been repeating sounds like crazy! They are very clear imitations. She knows what she’s doing and saying. In fact… often she’ll smile at us after repeating a word or phrase… as if she knows she did something awesome. A few of the words/phrases we’ve heard lately are “ah dah” for “all done”… “hah dah” for “hi dad”… “dah” for “doggy/dog” and “bah bah” for “brother.” Willow is also signing more consistently. She uses the signs for “hungry” and “more” quite often. Willow had tubes put in her ears a few weeks ago. I don’t know if this is what’s responsible for the recent spike in speech… and really I don’t care! I’m just loving listening to the beautiful sounds coming out of my baby!

I love how I can scoot to the "dah" whenever I want now.
I love how I can scoot to the “dah” whenever I want now.

Another ray of sunshine lately… is Willow’s health. I almost feel guilty writing that… as I know many around us are struggling. My heart aches every time I hear of another kiddo with influenza… pneumonia… or some other nasty illness. Our kiddos with Down syndrome are such fighters… but unfortunately… the battles come all too often. I’m still giving Willow shots of Neupogen twice a week. This supposedly boosts her white blood cells enough to enter a fight… but in no way does it guarantee a win. That’s what scares me. Because Willow has been so healthy lately… I’ve become more lax when people ask to hold her. Don’t get me wrong… I still pack hand wash heat… but I’m just not as jumpy when random hands reach out to touch her. I just feel God has been telling me to let go… and trust him when it comes to this area of life. I feel like I need to be careful… but more open to those who care. Ya know? God has carried Willow through heart surgery… a neck instability scare… a leukemia scare… emergency hernia surgery… and this crazy chronic benign neutropenia stuff. He’s proven himself trustworthy. It’s my turn to prove my love.

Alright… back to the grind.

2 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. And I am to blame as I love to LOVE ON Miss Willow. How can I not with that adorable face….and smile. I am sorry I don’t ask….I just grab her…Thank YOU for letting me love her…

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