Do I Dare?

Hehehehehehe…. I did something naughty…. hehehehehehe… and I feel a little guilty…. hehehehehe… and a little silly…. hehehehehe…. and a little regretful… but only a little…. hehehhehee.

It all started yesterday when I got the mail. Willow’s 18 month check up is next week… so we received a developmental questionnaire to fill out ahead of time. Grrrrr.

Junk Mail
Junk Mail

I totally understand the purpose of these questionnaires and I think they’re great at identifying areas that might need some attention… that is if your child doesn’t have special needs. When your child is not considered “typical”… these questionnaires provoke atypical responses (ie: eating an entire gallon of ice cream… crying enough tears to fill your empty ice cream container… dreaming about how to mail an ice cream container full of tears to your daughter’s pediatrician’s office.) Needless to say… I was a mixture of emotion yesterday. Then… I happened upon a post by blogger… Mary Evelyn from What Do You Do, Dear? The post was titled Laughing at the “nevers” (or that time I defaced my son’s developmental questionnaire). Oh. My. Goodness. God sure knew I needed to read that. I encourage you to read it… too. For me… it was therapeutic. Like God was saying “let go of the hurt… don’t let a packet of papers have power of you.” So… I did it. I let go of the anger and sadness… and replaced it with a pen.


Let me tell ya… it felt good to deface Willow’s developmental questionnaire. But… the guilt is starting to set in. Willow’s appointment is next Wednesday. I’m afraid I might chicken out in the end.. and just tell the nurse our dog ate the questionnaire. Who knows? Maybe I’ll feel bold that day! My older kids will be on spring break at the time. Having them home from school usually pushes me to the brink of insanity. So… what do you think? Do I dare?????

Do it, mommy!
Do it, mommy!

10 thoughts on “Do I Dare?

  1. YES, YES, YES YOU DARE…I can hear Laken and Bella squealing on you anyhow…Do it for WILLOW!!! and all of the others that are ABOVE NORMAL!! Love you all.

  2. I say do it! If they are going to send a ridiculous questionnaire (due to her special needs), then they can get it filled out with ridiculous answers. Let them know that it was not appropriate for them to send this out when they obviously should know that she is not there yet. I fully expect with all the love, attention and support she is given, these things will eventually be on her “I can do” list! Hang in there momma! You are doing a terrific job!

  3. Do it Mommy. They deserve it for their lack of communication within the system and lack of sensitivity towards parents of children with special needs. D

  4. I just found your blog today and while I have no ability to relate to your specific situation, I can’t help but think that by telling them about the hurt and frustration that questionnaire caused you, they may just realize the error. And your voice could prevent someone else in similar shoes from receiving that form.

  5. Oh my… it’s perfect! I say you should totally turn that sucker in. It will make some poor bored nurses day when she gets to score it. “I don’t speak German” <—that was my favorite. I'm still giggling over here! (And thank you for sharing my post! Makes me happy to know it was helpful AND to know I'm not alone in my loathing of the dreaded ASQ!)

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