When Words Aren’t Enough

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting new friends. Friends… from all parts of the world… all walks of life. I call these people “friends” because they’ve offered me support in ways that I can’t even begin to explain.

It’s a strange kind of friendship. I’ve never met these women… and probably never will… yet I feel such a connection with some. I’ve shared in their joys… they’ve shared in mine. But then there are the struggles…

Sometimes we can offer support with our words… other times… words just won’t do. Now is one of those times. My friend… from The One In A Million Baby… lost her dear… beautiful daughter this week. My heart aches for her. I want nothing more than to give her a big hug… but I can’t. That’s where blogging friendships are hard. Words just won’t do… hugs are simply not possible. So here I am… doing the only thing I know to do… asking for prayer for this amazing… brokenhearted mother. Her name is Tessa. Her daughter is Eva. Both are inspirational…


6 thoughts on “When Words Aren’t Enough

  1. Many thoughts and prayers go out to Tessa.  Feel free to pass on our info if there is anything we can do.  Does she have other kids?  Dulcie gave us several ideas that really helped. Tricia

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