The Annoying Little Sister

“MOM! Willow won’t leave me alone!”

It’s a phrase uttered… I mean screamed… often these days… and every time I hear it… I smile. My youngest daughter… Willow… is turning into that annoying little sister… and I love it. LOVE it.

When Willow was born 18 months ago… I wondered what she’d be like at various stages of life. That’s because Willow has Down syndrome. At the time… I didn’t know what that meant. Would she do the typical baby things… toddler things… teenage things? I had no clue! I spent so much time trying to envision the future. Worrying… I guess you could say. Why did I do that?

While I would never describe Willow as “typical”… I will tell you… she does typical things. As a baby she cried… fought sleep… loved cuddles… smiled and cooed. As a toddler… she’s learning to use her voice… exploring the world around her… and developing opinions about everything. And right now… she’s figured out that she loves to terrorize her older brother and sister.

Hey! Whatcha guys doing??
Hey! Whatcha guys doing??

Brother’s matchbox cars… Sissy’s lip gloss… whatever they have… Willow wants. Big brother and sister have learned to set up camp far away from their little sister… but distance doesn’t deter Willow. She’ll butt scoot anywhere. Usually they try to block her… turn their backs to her… redirect her… even scold her… but eventually… they end up screaming.


I try hard to play along. I really do. I usually offer sympathy… shake my finger at Willow… then swoop her up and carry her away. But what my older kids don’t see is me patting Willow’s back… smiling… and whispering in her ear… “Way to go… Willow! I’m proud of you. I can’t wait to see what you do next.”

The Annoying Little Sister
The Annoying Little Sister

5 thoughts on “The Annoying Little Sister

  1. Even with rosey cheeks, a runny nose, and teary eyes…she smiles….and looks lovingly into my face. I love this girl…and her older siblings…but Willow is my special girl…we have a connection and yes, WAY TO GO WILLOW!

  2. Hahaha, good job Willow! Little sisters are supposed to make their siblings nutso. We have also turned that corner in our house. It’s quite amusing. 🙂

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