Random Acts of Kindness

Willow is great at spreading smiles. And today… she took her show on the road. In honor of World Down Syndrome Day (3/21)… the National Down Syndrome Congress and several other Ds related organizations are promoting random acts of kindness. Individuals with Down syndrome are encouraged to spread smiles and awareness through these simple acts. So… Willow put together a few postcards…



And off to the mall we went….



I can imagine a very excited kid happening upon one of Willow’s postcards. For once… they won’t have to beg their mom or dad for a quarter only to be turned down. They’ll be able to get that gumball they’ve always drooled over… or that temporary tattoo that won’t wash off their cheek in time for church… or a handfull of Skittles! Hey… they may even be able to get all three if the price is right!! And while mom or dad is pulling the quarters off the postcard… I can imagine little Jimmy saying “What does it say? Who’s it from?” And that’s when a very important conversation is started.

Or… maybe the mall janitor will get em’. Whatev’s. Willow and I had fun.

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. This warmed my heart….she looks like she had a lot of fun doing this….Loving the pay it forwards….Loving the HINES FAMILY as always! xoxo

  2. What a great idea of leaving quarters near the machines! I sure hope people will respond by at least reading the card. Willow has such an infectious smile. May your random act of kindness be paid forward by those who read the postcard.

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