Dear Big Brother

Dear Big Brother (aka “Buh-Buh”),

I know I’ve only been around for a year and half, but I can already tell you’re awesome. You’re like a superhero to me. You can do no wrong. That’s why I look up to you! Another reason I look up to you is because you’re taller than me, but who isn’t?


Mom told me that you wanted a little brother. You got me instead. It’s funny, because you always tell me I’m perfect and that you wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for that. I suppose it helps that I like cars and trucks.


When I was born, I heard you didn’t even blink when mom and dad told you about my extra chromosome. I remember you being sad about the holes in my heart, though. I bet you were also sad about all the attention I was getting. I remember you telling mom you missed her a lot. I also remember you holding my hand in the NICU. You said you didn’t want to leave me. I didn’t want you to leave, either. I knew then, that we’d be best friends forever.


I heard that after I was born, you couldn’t wait to tell the world about me. In fact, dad says that as soon as you got home from the hospital you rushed over to the neighbors house and talked their ears off. I bet that hurt. Dad says you told them I had Down syndrome and that I might look different and learn a little differently, but you didn’t care because you loved me. You also told them about the holes in my heart and that a doctor would have to close them up someday. Dad says you were so proud to be a big brother to me. He also says he wishes you would feel the same way about your other sister. Is that because she doesn’t like cars as much as me?

Christmas!!!! If only we could turn back time.

I hear mom and dad talking about your bad behavior all the time. I don’t get it. I find you funny. In fact, I want to be just like you when I grow up. That’s why I copy your every move! I especially like it when you make those loud howling sounds when mom and dad are talking. That’s hilarious. It usually ends with you going to your room. I hope someday I’ll get sent to my room!


Do you still want to marry me? You said you did! Mom and dad say we can’t, but I don’t care. I want to be with you forever. I heard mom and dad want to ask some guy named Will to make that happen when the time comes for them to leave. As if that’ll ever happen! Mom never leaves my side! Geesh.


If you can’t tell, you’re my favorite. That’s because you get me. You know my tickle spots, you know my favorite faces, and you know how to dry my tears. Especially after mom pokes me with those needles to give me medicine for my blood disorder. While most people would turn away, you don’t. And, while most people don’t understand the sounds out of my mouth, you do! Or at least you pretend you do. You’re also the best person to kiss, which by-the-way, sorry about all the drool. Mom likes to tell everyone I’m teething, but I’m pretty sure she understands I’m just being me.

Best Friends

I love you brother. I love you so much! And, I thank God for creating you and creating me, because like mom says, we’re a match made in heaven.



Your littlest (and most favoritest) sister, Willow

One thought on “Dear Big Brother

  1. Oh, Laken…Willow is the only one that can ‘tame’ that one! This is so sweet and brought tears to my eyes…So happy and lucky to know all five Hines’!!

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