Word To Your Mama!

She did it! She said my name! I even have a witness, which is good because if I had been by myself I might not have believed the words coming out of her mouth.

It happened Tuesday night, in my bedroom, which really isn’t my bedroom as it’s being used as a nursery until our guest bedroom is finished being remodeled into a room for my eldest daughter, but that’s a story for a different day. My husband was putting away clothes, I was babbling about my day and Willow was hanging out in her crib. Then I felt a tug. Willow had grabbed the hand that I was resting on her crib. Thinking she was just playing around, I kept talking. Then I heard it.

“Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma”

Even my husband heard it, which I guess isn’t so shocking as he’s used to tuning me out. Immediately I looked down at Willow, who smiled the biggest smile in return.

“Are you saying ma ma?” I asked, in a high pitched squeally type of way.

Willow just giggled and continued to smile as she held my hand. It was all the confirmation I needed. She said my name. She said “ma ma.” Even my husband agrees. It wasn’t just a coincidence.

Who knows what made her say it now. Maybe she read my blog a few weeks ago. Maybe she was tired of my talking. Maybe she just wanted to show me she can. Whatever the reason, it was awesome. Just awesome. And I can’t wait to hear it again….



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