Why I Welcome A Snow Day

Out here, in the fresh fallen snow, an extra chromosome just disappears.


Like a tiny snowflake in a wave of white, Down syndrome becomes insignificant. Invisible, really.

Here, sitting in a pile of powder, Willow is just Willow. A kid being a kid. Her eyes full of wonder, her cheeks bright and rosy.


As a fist full of flurries makes it to her mouth, I giggle with anticipation. Her reaction, is as expected. Priceless.

These are the moments I cherish. Where the outside world is silent and my daughter’s joy is booming.

Here, differences are buried. Deep, out of reach.


Here, in the pure, white snow, my daughter is seen for what she really is. Not a child with Down syndrome, but simply a child. Full of awe, full of delight, and full of… snow.


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