Never Give Up

This girl!


Tell her to crawl, she scoots on her butt. Tell her to walk and she crawls!


I’m ashamed to say that I had given up the dream of Willow crawling. After all, Willow is a darn good butt scooter, she hates tummy time and seems more interested in walking than getting around on all fours. But, this weekend, my precious 28 month old daughter reminded me to never stop believing. This girl can do anything………. if she wants to.


Willow crawled 4 steps, today. Yesterday, it was 2. Anytime I see her on all fours, I get so excited that my husband says only dogs can hear me. I drop to my knees and start crawling around in hopes of inspiring Willow to move. She thinks it’s a game. This isn’t a new tactic. I’ve tried it many times before. But, for some reason, Willow finally wants to play.

I don’t expect Willow to start crawling instead of butt scooting. She’s just too good at it to give it up. But, it’s really awesome to know that she finally has the strength to crawl. She also, finally has the desire. But, I believe her desire to walk is much stronger.

Willow is getting better and better as cruising along furniture. Just last week, she braved the big space between the couch and chair and successfully made it on her own! That’s huge!

My little Willow is conquering some big milestones, lately. It’s all so exciting! It’s also a big reminder to never give up and always believe. Hard work pays off, patience is rewarded and through God, all things are possible.



3 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. She’s my girl. I love to see her…she blows kisses, waves bye bye….she’s going to blow us all out of the water. Go Willow go.xxoo

  2. Love the title of this blog “Never Give Up”. Such a small statement but powerful, hopeful and encouraging just like little Willow!

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