Road Trip!

Since Willow’s birth, I’ve been learning what it means to fully trust God.

It means letting go, when you want nothing more than to hold on.

It means being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

It means praying and believing He’s got your back, even when the road in front is unfamiliar and a bit scary.

This week, my husband accepted a new job in another city. It’s only 2 hours from where we currently live, but it will be a BIG change for our little family.

Road Trip! (and an ice cream mustache)

We currently live in a city with a population of roughly 42,00o. The neighboring city has a population of 118,500. We are surrounded by people, places and things to do. Our new home? Just shy of 3,000 people claim residence. It’s pretty small. The surrounding cities, where we may end up living, are even smaller!

But, God clearly is calling us there.

A picture of our new surroundings

I’m sure some of our friends and family are rolling their eyes at that statement. Some might even consider us crazy. (They’re right, but not because of this.) We understand this whole thing is a bit unexpected, but that’s kinda how life has been for us the past few years. Unexpected, but awesome.

Just like Willow.

This whole move is going to be interesting when it comes to our littlest love. Willow was set to start preschool here in the fall. We just had her first IEP meeting. We’re headed to a smaller school district, with limited resources. We’re not sure what that’ll mean.

We’re also leaving behind all of Willow’s therapists. Sure, we’ll find new ones, but they won’t be the same. I’m pretty sure her current physical therapist is an angel. A true gift from heaven. Her Early Intervention teacher is one of Willow’s favorite playmates! How will we replace these people?

We’ve been really, really lucky when it comes to Willow’s neutropenia. What if she gets a nasty infection? Are we taking a risk with her health? Will the doctors there even know what to do with her?

My biggest fear? It’s silly, really. I’m embarrassed to type it out, but I will….

What if nobody loves her like they do here?

I know it’s a crazy question. But it’s one that constantly floats through my head. Our friends have loved on our youngest daughter since the day she was born. They’ve cheered her on. They’ve embraced her, supported her and accepted her. Will she get that where we’re going?

Being it’s a small community, I’m not sure how many people we’ll find with an extra chromosome. That’s a little scary. But, then again, maybe that’s part of God’s plan. Maybe we’re headed where we’re headed for a reason greater than just a new job. Maybe we’re there to change hearts, change minds and change opinions of what it means to have Down syndrome.

Or maybe He’s just looking for some entertainment. I guarantee a comedy show as we adjust to small town living.

Whatever the reason, we’re trusting God’s direction. We’re excited for this new adventure! And, we sure hope the people we’re leaving behind don’t forget us, as we’ll surely never forget them….KIMG0578


2 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. Jenny,
    Another day…another story of Willow and her family…another tear or two to make my day more wonderful. What better way to begin a Fourth of July weekend.
    Your writings are more precious to others than you can ever know.
    Don’t worry about your new community. Your new townsfolk will love little Willow, and her family, just as much as we all do.
    Take care and please continue to keep us abreast of your little sweetheart and her daily activities.

    Wayne Mitsch

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