3 Reasons I’m Not Making a Cake For My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

My baby is no longer a baby. She’s 3. THREE! How in the world did this happen? For months I’ve been telling Willow to stop growing up. Obviously, she didn’t listen. She’s just like her big brother and sister. They’re great at ignoring me, too.

Even though today is Willow’s birthday, I will not be making her a cake. You read that right. I’m pretty sure I’m breaking some birthday rule or something, but I have my reasons. 3 of them in fact.

#1) All my cake pans are packed away. In case you didn’t know, we’re in the middle of moving. We couldn’t be more in the middle. My husband is moving mattresses into a trailer as I write. He’s probably wondering where I am. Unfortunately, I packed away all my energy with the cake pans. I’m pretty sure my sanity is in there too.

#2) Willow doesn’t really like cake. Last year, I made a cute little cake for her 2nd birthday and she literally threw it on the floor as we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. She wouldn’t even try a bite. She’s since tried cake, but still doesn’t like it. She especially doesn’t like frosting. I’m just going to blame her extra chromosome for this one. On an unrelated note, Willow ate a half a cookie sheet’s worth of kale chips this past week. Her father is so proud. Not.

#3) The biggest reason I’m skipping a cake this year? Willow deserves more. Everyone gets a cake on their birthday. I want Willow to feel special. Ice cream, yogurt, Tootsie rolls, or maybe even kale chips are in order. So are Frozen themed decorations, Kids Bop tunes and lots of playground time. Just not today.

This year, Willow’s birthday falls in the middle of moving madness. She is our happiness, so she deserves more. More of our time. More of our energy. More than a house full of boxes. And more than a boxed cake.

Willow deserves the world, because she’s changed ours.


Happy Birthday my littlest love, who’s now a big girl! The celebration is coming. Don’t you worry. And this year I promise.. no cake.



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