When My Words Run Out

I feel like I’m running out of words.

It’s a scary feeling.

It’s especially frightening because I feel like the things I’m hearing lately, the headlines I’m reading, demand a response.

“Comedian’s Netflix Special Sparks Outrage, Bullying in Down Syndrome Community”

“LulaRoe Sides With Top Sales Vendor After He Publicly Mocks People With Disabilities”

I feel like hate and ignorance are getting plenty of publicity these days. So much so that I’m often stunned silent. I no longer know how to respond other than to shake my head.

For so long, I’ve turned to my blog and my writing as a way to fight the hate in this world. I’ve tried to educate others about the beauty of Down syndrome, the gift of difference and the wonders of a little girl named Willow.

But, it’s hard to write when my heart feels this heavy. What more can I say that I haven’t already said? What’s left to be written?

Well… I’m hoping Willow can someday answer that question.


I’m pouring all of my energy into helping Willow find her words in this time that I’m struggling to find mine. I’m trying to teach her how to read.



Yes, Willow will read. I also expect her to take over my blog some day. After all, I am only one person and there is a lot of hate in this world.  And the sad reality is my life and my words will someday… run… out.



So, with the help of a fabulous book written by Patricia Logan Oelwein, I have started teaching Willow simple sight words. Most people with Down syndrome are visual learners so sight words are a great way to start down the path toward reading.



I know she’s only 4 1/2 years old. And, I know she has a long road ahead. But boy, am I excited to see what Willow writes about when she’s ready.

I already know it’ll leave me speechless….


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