Day 17 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Day #17

Even if you don’t “mean it that way,” the “R-word” is offensive.

If a word has been reduced to a letter, then it’s good idea to stay away from it.

Just like it’s not ok to use the “n-word,” it’s not ok to use the “r-word.” Those words are offensive. They’re hateful. They’re dehumanizing.

My daughter, Willow, is a human.


Years (many, many, many years) ago, individuals with Down syndrome were labeled as “mentally retarded.” By definition, “retarded” means slow, so, the term was used to describe a person’s mental impairment. Sadly, the word eventually morphed into slang for “stupid.”

My daughter, Willow, is NOT stupid.


There are a lot of other words you can use instead of “retarded.” “Foolish, crazy, nuts….” all great alternatives. Also, great words to describe the people who still think the “r-word” is still acceptable.

So please, when it comes to choosing your words, always choose love over hate.



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