Day 26 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Day #26

Recent surveys in the U.S. of parents, doctors, and medical students indicate that outdated and inaccurate information about Down syndrome is being provided to pregnant women who are prenatally diagnosed or at birth of their child. (

The doctor that delivered Willow’s diagnosis of Down syndrome was blunt but kind. He worked in the NICU. He was very knowledgeable and very straightforward. He also spoke very favorably about Willow’s extra 21st chromosome.


Many of my friends have horrible stories about the doctors who delivered their child’s diagnosis. Some were told their newborn would likely never talk or live independently. Others were told “sorry.” Some heard the word “burden.” And then there are the moms who were told “you may want to consider your options…”

These aren’t stories from decades ago. These happened within the last decade!

My husband and I were lucky.

Why? Turns out, that NICU doctor who happened to be on shift when Willow was delivered had an uncle with Down syndrome. He knew the blessing we were holding. He knew the joy she would bring.


Sadly, I don’t think he learned that in medical school….

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