Day 27- Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Day #27

While there are certain characteristic physical features that set people with Down syndrome apart, people with an extra 21st chromosome usually resemble their families more than they resemble one another. 

Willow looks a lot like her sister. In fact, Bella often tells people they’re “like twins.”


When Willow smiles, I see her brother. She and Laken share the most beautiful, brown, expressive eyes.


There are parts of my mom, Willow’s Grandma, that come through all the time. Both have big cheeks and even bigger laughs.


At times, I even see my father, Willow’s Grandpa. Usually, it happens when Willow is being mischievous. Hehehe…

When I look at Willow, I see my child, a part of my family, a combination of the people she loves.

I see Willow… Not Down syndrome.


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