Day 31 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Day #31

“Thank you.”

I started this blog for personal reasons. Writing helps me process emotions. Raising Willow stirs up many.

I anticipated a few friends and family members reading my blog. I always try to keep it updated with her latest accomplishments and obstacles. Still, I never expect people to read. So if someone does, not only am I surprised, I count it as a blessing.

Down syndrome Awareness Month comes to close today, but our journey continues. Thank you for playing a role in it.

Thank you for taking time to learn about my daughter.

Thank you for praying or sending positive thoughts when we’ve experienced struggle.

Thank you for telling me you care.

Thank you for celebrating Willow’s victories.

Thank you for telling me you think my daughter is beautiful. She is.

Thank you for reminding me to not give up.

Thank you for showing me love is out there….  It is. It really is.

Thank you.





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