What happened?

I haven’t blogged in months. At first, it was an issue of time. Now, it’s an issue of words. I don’t know what to write. My thoughts are a mess. My words aren’t any prettier. The nightly news makes me sad. Social media makes me mad. My heart feels heavy too many hours of the … More What happened?

2020 Vision

You’re looking at the Christmas card that never made it to the printers. If I’m being honest, it never even made it to the website that magically turns pictures into cards. So, I guess you’re just looking at a picture. It’s off-center, kinda blurry. There’s a pile of stuff in the corner. My son is … More 2020 Vision

What it Feels Like to Send My Daughter to School

I never thought it would feel this way. I thought I would cry more. I thought I’d be anxious. I thought I’d reconsider our decision to let her go. Instead, I’m sipping coffee, enjoying the quiet and smiling at the thought of what my youngest daughter, Willow, is up to right now. She’s at kindergarten. … More What it Feels Like to Send My Daughter to School