Day 12 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Day #12 Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies often play a big roll in the lives of children with Down syndrome. These supports help our kids reach milestones and develop skills necessary in life. Our youngest daughter, Willow, works hard to keep up with the world around her. But, she doesn’t know it. Since the age … More Day 12 – Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Dear Therapist…

Dear Therapist, Thank you! What you’re doing for my daughter, Willow, is amazing. I’m in awe of how far she’s come. And, as I’ve told you many times, I couldn’t do this without you. Seriously. But, can I let you in on a secret? You’re also helping me. Ok, I should clarify before you start … More Dear Therapist…

Good Intentions

When I started this blog… I had such good intentions. Life was busy… but still manageable. My hope was to write once a week… at least. Well… I’m not sure that ever happened… and life never slowed down. In fact… it sped up… a lot. Busyness turned to chaos… and chaos is not manageable. Most … More Good Intentions

Judgement Day

When it comes to judging… I give myself a perfect 10. See? I’m so good… I even judge my own judging! But like any good judge… I hate being judged! And I especially hate when my children are judged. Unfortunately… when it comes to Willow… judgement comes often. Therapists… doctors… strangers… all judge her. And … More Judgement Day