My Letter To Gluten

Dear Gluten, I’m sure many people (including my husband) will think it’s odd writing a letter to you, but for me, it’s the only way to say goodbye. After all, the mere mention of your name sometimes makes my heart ache as if you’re a real person. I’m not ready to lose you. Ok, you’re … More My Letter To Gluten

Pass The Spaghetti

3 years ago in October, I put Willow’s life in the hands of a heart surgeon. 2 years ago in October, Willow was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder after a leukemia scare. 1 year ago in October, a nasty bacterial infection caused Willow to miss Halloween and spend a few nights in the hospital. … More Pass The Spaghetti

My Empty Nest

She didn’t even say “bye bye.” No kiss. No hug. No tears. Well, at least on her end. It’s Willow’s first day of school. I’ve dreamed of this day, wondered what it would be like. Now, it’s here. I left her in her classroom, playing. She was so busy cooking on her fake stove that she … More My Empty Nest

3 Reasons I’m Not Making a Cake For My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday

My baby is no longer a baby. She’s 3. THREE! How in the world did this happen? For months I’ve been telling Willow to stop growing up. Obviously, she didn’t listen. She’s just like her big brother and sister. They’re great at ignoring me, too. Even though today is Willow’s birthday, I will not be … More 3 Reasons I’m Not Making a Cake For My Daughter’s 3rd Birthday