Where We’re At

Once upon a time, I used this blog like a therapist. I wrote, I processed, I released and I healed. This journey we’re on is full of highs and lows and the ride between the two often leaves my stomach in knots. Writing helps me unravel those tangled up feelings. Unfortunately, we’re at a point … More Where We’re At

When My Words Run Out

I feel like I’m running out of words. It’s a scary feeling. It’s especially frightening because I feel like the things I’m hearing lately, the headlines I’m reading, demand a response. “Comedian’s Netflix Special Sparks Outrage, Bullying in Down Syndrome Community” “LulaRoe Sides With Top Sales Vendor After He Publicly Mocks People With Disabilities” I … More When My Words Run Out

Dear You….

I’m not usually one to write back-to-back blog posts… but something has been weighing heavy on my heart these past few hours. It all started after searching wordpress for blogs featuring the term “Down syndrome.” I do this frequently… as I find it fun to read about the lives of other families like mine. I … More Dear You….

Good Intentions

When I started this blog… I had such good intentions. Life was busy… but still manageable. My hope was to write once a week… at least. Well… I’m not sure that ever happened… and life never slowed down. In fact… it sped up… a lot. Busyness turned to chaos… and chaos is not manageable. Most … More Good Intentions