When God Is The Only Answer

As a person who writes a blog, it sucks to be struck wordless. I had a 2 hour drive home from Willow’s doctor appointment today and that line is all I could come up with. That’s because I am stinking speechless (emphasis on stinking as we spent a total of 4 hours in the van … More When God Is The Only Answer

My Letter To Gluten

Dear Gluten, I’m sure many people (including my husband) will think it’s odd writing a letter to you, but for me, it’s the only way to say goodbye. After all, the mere mention of your name sometimes makes my heart ache as if you’re a real person. I’m not ready to lose you. Ok, you’re … More My Letter To Gluten

Pass The Spaghetti

3 years ago in October, I put Willow’s life in the hands of a heart surgeon. 2 years ago in October, Willow was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder after a leukemia scare. 1 year ago in October, a nasty bacterial infection caused Willow to miss Halloween and spend a few nights in the hospital. … More Pass The Spaghetti