When God Is The Only Answer

As a person who writes a blog, it sucks to be struck wordless. I had a 2 hour drive home from Willow’s doctor appointment today and that line is all I could come up with. That’s because I am stinking speechless (emphasis on stinking as we spent a total of 4 hours in the van … More When God Is The Only Answer

What Doctors Didn’t Tell Me About My Daughter’s Down syndrome

When my daughter, Willow, was born we heard over and over again how weak she was because of her Down syndrome. Doctors and nurses used words like “fragile” and “frail.” Willow’s medical file was filled with even uglier words. “Failure to thrive” topped the list. Hypotonia, or low tone, quickly followed. Every word wreaked of weakness. … More What Doctors Didn’t Tell Me About My Daughter’s Down syndrome

Pass The Spaghetti

3 years ago in October, I put Willow’s life in the hands of a heart surgeon. 2 years ago in October, Willow was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder after a leukemia scare. 1 year ago in October, a nasty bacterial infection caused Willow to miss Halloween and spend a few nights in the hospital. … More Pass The Spaghetti

The Ugly Truth

Warning: If you’re looking for a cheery, inspirational post, come back some other time. This one promises to be dark, ugly and depressing. Still reading? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m angry. I’m angry that life is so bleeping hard sometimes. I’m angry that swearing is naughty, because it feels really good to say … More The Ugly Truth

Being Joyful Always

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 This quote from the bible looks all cute scribbled on a chalkboard in my dining room, but lately, it’s been annoying me. Be joyful… always?? Is that a joke, God? I know … More Being Joyful Always

Do I Dare?

Hehehehehehe…. I did something naughty…. hehehehehehe… and I feel a little guilty…. hehehehehe… and a little silly…. hehehehehe…. and a little regretful… but only a little…. hehehhehee. It all started yesterday when I got the mail. Willow’s 18 month check up is next week… so we received a developmental questionnaire to fill out ahead of … More Do I Dare?

Dear You….

I’m not usually one to write back-to-back blog posts… but something has been weighing heavy on my heart these past few hours. It all started after searching wordpress for blogs featuring the term “Down syndrome.” I do this frequently… as I find it fun to read about the lives of other families like mine. I … More Dear You….


Willow never ceases to amaze us. She makes a hobby out of smashing stereotypes… conquering obstacles… and defying expectations. I guess you could say she likes to keep the world guessing. Just ask her doctor. Two weeks ago… I blogged about Willow’s blood count. Her neutrophil level was low and her doctor was fairly certain … More Huh?