Dear Big Brother

Dear Big Brother (aka “Buh-Buh”), I know I’ve only been around for a year and half, but I can already tell you’re awesome. You’re like a superhero to me. You can do no wrong. That’s why I look up to you! Another reason I look up to you is because you’re taller than me, but … More Dear Big Brother

Stupid Roller Coasters

I hate roller coasters. My aging body just can’t handle em’ anymore. Simply put… they make me want to hurl. Unfortunately… I appear to be stuck on one right now. Earlier this month… we were in a valley. The duel diagnosis of bronchiolitis and a bowel hernia was nauseating. But surgery was a success and … More Stupid Roller Coasters


Time flies when you’re having fun… and we’re having fun. I can’t believe it’s already July! I have made several attempts to blog this summer… but every one of them has ended without an ending. I just don’t have the time to finish what I start! Crazy!!!!! I’m hoping today will be different…. hoping…. As … More Summer