Forgiving My Daughter’s Attacker

I spend so much of my time being angry. Not at a person, but neutropenia. Chronic benign neutropenia, to be exact. Doctors define it so simply. Neutropenia is when your body doesn’t produce enough neutrophils. Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell needed to fight infection. For my 19 month old daughter, Willow, neutropenia … More Forgiving My Daughter’s Attacker

Afraid To Love

“Chronic Benign Neutropenia.” That’s what Willow’s oncologist/hematologist is calling it. After months of head scratching… it’s nice to finally have a diagnosis… but I have to admit… I am going to miss calling it “crazy blood.” So what does this mean? Good question. Right now… it means Willow will be getting injections of Neupogen twice … More Afraid To Love