My Letter To Gluten

Dear Gluten, I’m sure many people (including my husband) will think it’s odd writing a letter to you, but for me, it’s the only way to say goodbye. After all, the mere mention of your name sometimes makes my heart ache as if you’re a real person. I’m not ready to lose you. Ok, you’re … More My Letter To Gluten

Do I Dare?

Hehehehehehe…. I did something naughty…. hehehehehehe… and I feel a little guilty…. hehehehehe… and a little silly…. hehehehehe…. and a little regretful… but only a little…. hehehhehee. It all started yesterday when I got the mail. Willow’s 18 month check up is next week… so we received a developmental questionnaire to fill out ahead of … More Do I Dare?

You Are My Sunshine

Me Tired. That about sums up how I feel these days. Life is so jam packed with commitments that I feel like my head is in constant cloud. Thankfully… Willow is my sunshine… and as the song goes… she “makes me happy when skies are gray.” Willow has been doing some amazing things lately! Realizing … More You Are My Sunshine

Afraid To Love

“Chronic Benign Neutropenia.” That’s what Willow’s oncologist/hematologist is calling it. After months of head scratching… it’s nice to finally have a diagnosis… but I have to admit… I am going to miss calling it “crazy blood.” So what does this mean? Good question. Right now… it means Willow will be getting injections of Neupogen twice … More Afraid To Love

Dear You….

I’m not usually one to write back-to-back blog posts… but something has been weighing heavy on my heart these past few hours. It all started after searching wordpress for blogs featuring the term “Down syndrome.” I do this frequently… as I find it fun to read about the lives of other families like mine. I … More Dear You….


Willow never ceases to amaze us. She makes a hobby out of smashing stereotypes… conquering obstacles… and defying expectations. I guess you could say she likes to keep the world guessing. Just ask her doctor. Two weeks ago… I blogged about Willow’s blood count. Her neutrophil level was low and her doctor was fairly certain … More Huh?

A Mighty Big Scare

It’s Down syndrome Awareness Month. Let me just say… I’m aware. Very aware. One look at the cords attached to my daughter… one listen to the beeping monitors next to her… reminds me constantly… The Mighty Willow has an extra chromosome… and that tiny little difference can produce big challenges in life. Right now The … More A Mighty Big Scare