The Pressure of Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

My 5 year old daughter throws fits. She kicks, she screams, she runs. When she misses her nap, it’s worse. When playing with other children, my daughter sometimes hits. Most of the time it’s out of anger. Sometimes, it’s just for fun. At times, my daughter makes it her mission to do the opposite of … More The Pressure of Raising a Child With Down Syndrome

My Perfect Blog Post

This sentence is driving me crazy. Yes, the one you just read. It’s driving me bat bonkers. Why? Because it’s not perfect. No matter how many times I’ve written it and rewritten it, it’s still not perfect. I blame my former career in television news. As a producer, I learned that if you want to … More My Perfect Blog Post

The Others

I’m a fantastic mother to my daughter, Willow. But, she’s not my only child. I have two others. And sadly, I can’t say the same for them. I’m sure most people would assume parenting Willow is a challenge because of her Down syndrome. Throw in the fact that she’s had some health struggles and has … More The Others