Word To Your Mama!

She did it! She said my name! I even have a witness, which is good because if I had been by myself I might not have believed the words coming out of her mouth. It happened Tuesday night, in my bedroom, which really isn’t my bedroom as it’s being used as a nursery until our … More Word To Your Mama!

Ma Ma Mia

“Mom!” I hear it a gazillion times a day. Some days, I would even say my name is overused. Abused, really. “Mom! He called me a turd monkey!” “Mom! She won’t stop repeating me!” “Mom! She won’t stop repeating me!” “Mahhhhhhm!” “Mahhhhhhm!” While my two older kids seem to begin every sentence with my name, … More Ma Ma Mia

Twizzler Time

I will do anything to help out Willow… including buying licorice. That’s right folks! Willow’s speech therapist actually told me to buy licorice this week. Apparently… Twizzlers are not only tasty… they help improve oral motor skills! Crazy eh? Before every meal… Willow gets to gnaw on a piece of frozen licorice. I’m told that … More Twizzler Time